The Singletrack Cat is a special purpose motorcycle designed to haul and tow equipment used for single track trail construction and maintenance. 

To make the Singletrack Cat affordable several value engineering approaches were taken:

1.       It uses low cost horizontal shaft utility motors available from Honda, Yamaha, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, LIfan, Titan, Subaru and other manufacturers. The motors can be purchased for as low as $150.00 to around $600.00 

2.       The steering system uses a standard 26 inch mountain bike fork, wheel, tire, tube, brake, stem and handlebar. The 44 mm headtube accepts straight or tapered steering tubes.  Since there have been many thousands of 26 inch mountain bikes produced, finding a “donor” bike or used fork  should not be difficult and this greatly reduces the cost. Alternatively, a completely new steering system can also be used.

3.       The seat tube is a mountain bike standard 30.9mm and allows use of any corresponding seatpost, collar and seat.

4.       The design uses standard “off-the-shelf” bearings, shafts, sprockets, chains and fasteners which can be purchased from numerous suppliers at a low cost.

The Singletrack Cat uses horizontal shaft engines in the range of 6 to 8 horsepower. These engines are approximately 200cc to 250cc in size. When purchasing a motor, the choice to select a motor with or without electric start must be made.  Motors without electric start usually have do not have the power to operate accessories such as headlights. An electric start engine will have a generator that can power accessory loads.

These utility engines have a speed governor built into them. Regardless of throttle setting, the engine will only rotate up to the maximum rpm that governor allows. This method prevents damage from over reving the engine. When the load on the motor increases and the rpm’s begin to drop, the governor opens the throttle to compensate.

These engines are fan cooled and can operate at full load even while stationary. By comparison a typical motorcycle requires sufficient forward motion in to prevent engine overheating while under load.

The rear tire size is 18” high x 9.5” wide. They fit on a wheel that is 8” in diameter and 7” wide. 

The choice of rear tires is dependant on use. A high traction tire such as the Carlisle Superlug provides maximum traction but reduces handling and ride quality. The cause of this is that the tire tread has flat profile and the thick lugs make the tire stiff.

A tire such as the Carlisle Turf Saver II is more rounded with a smaller tread pattern. The rounder tire tread improves cornering and the thinner rubber conforms better to the ground.

If used to pull trail grooming implements and/or for use in snow or very wet conditions, then the Super Lug tire is good choice. If used mainly as transportion to project locations, the Turf Saver II would be a good choice. Between these two examples are other tires that would provide varying combinations of ride quality, handling and traction.

The Single Track Cat can be purchased in several kits from “frame only” to fully assembled.

Frame Kit

Purchase the frame kit then either source the other parts required or purchase the parts from us then assemble it with the instructions provided. Included with this kit is the frame, bogie drive unit, engine mounting plate, rear hitch bar & receiver, dual stand, foot pegs and the aluminum bed plate. Frame Kit: $2,400.


See Manufacturers/suppliers websites for more information on these items.

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It features a high traction 2-wheel drive bogie type rear axle system.

The low bed height creates a low center of gravity for improved handling when carry heavy loads.



Drive System

Value Engineering

The transmission is a belt drive torque converter that provides automatic continuously variable gear ratios. 

Standard 2” hitch receiver can be used to tow a variety of trailers and trail grooming equipment 

The 30.9mm seat tube provides seat height adjustment and allows use of any corrosponding seatpost, collar and seat

The 44mm head tube allows use of straight and tapered mountain bike forks

The dual-pull lever operates both the rear brake and the trailer brake at the same time for safe trailer use

Standard "off-the-shelf" axles, bearings and chains for low cost and easy replacement

The 2-wheel drive uses a bogie type design that allows both wheels to follow the ground contours. This helps to maintain traction by creating a “push-pull” effect in that the leading tire is pushed over an obstacle by the rear wheel and the rear wheel then gets pulled over the obstacle by the front wheel.

As each tire crosses the obstacle, it only lifts the Single Track Cat one-half of the obstacle height and needs to lift only one-half of the rear weight of the bike. This effect makes it easier for the tires to crawl over obstacles.

Haul everything: shovel, pick, mcleod, gas powered brushers, rakes, pry bars, wheelbarrow, chainsaw, tool kit, spare parts, hardhat, chaps, food & water, extra clothing, first aid kit, straight gas, mixed gas, rubber boots, rain gear, camping equipment and most anything else needed for trail work. Get signposts, bridge lumber, culverts and other supplies to project locations faster and easier.



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Drive Kit

This kit includes the axles, jackshafts, chains, sprockets, bearings, spacers and fasteners.  This kit is available as a “parts only” kit or “parts & assembly” with all the parts installed onto to the frame. You also have the option to source and install the drive kit parts yourself. Drive Kit: $610.00 Parts Only, $875.00 Parts & Assembly

Wheels & Brake Kit

This kit includes the two rear wheels, tires, hubs, rear brake disc, brake caliper, cable and lever. This kit is available as a “parts only” kit or “parts & assembly” with all the parts installed onto to the frame. You also have the option to source and install the wheels & brake parts yourself. Wheels & Brake Kit: $475.00 Parts Only, $625.00 Parts & Assembly

Engine & Transmission Kit

Includes motor, torque convertor, throttle system and ignition switch. Note: There are many engine brands and upgrade options that may affect the total cost. You also have the option to provide and install the motor & transmission parts  yourself. Engine & Transmission Kit: $550.00 Parts & Assembly.

Steering & Seating Kit

This includes the front fork, wheel, tire, tube, headset, stem, handlebar, grips, seatpost, seatpost collar and seat. You also have the option to provide and install the steering and seating parts yourself. Steering & Seating Kit: $850.00 Parts & Assembly

All Prices USD

Tool Holders (Rhino Grips)
Chainsaw Press (holder)
Nordic Mfg
LED Lighting
USDA Approved Spark
Arrestor Muffer
Fuel Packs
Speedometer-Tach Kit
Rear Tool Box
Nordic Mfg